New EAntenna EA80DXS

After many request of customer for a good short dipole for 80m band, we decided to make an small project for an 20m total lenght 80m dipole.
The EAntenna EA80DXS project is a real antenna and will be available from 1st of Feb in all dealers

We get an very good bandwidth of 120 KHz. from 2,0:1 to 2,0:1 of SWR in the desired portion of 80m band (3,5 to 3,8 MHz.)
As always in EAntenna dipoles, it’s includes balun. Our common balun EAntenna 1,1DB1,5 is the installed with this antenna.
Make your reservation now and stop thinking that you can not transmit on 80 meters for lack of space. You can put it in horizontal, V “invee” 90 ° and 120 ° without losing any benefits.
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New EME EAntenna series

After many hours of working, Santos, EA4AK can get for us the best value for X-POL antennas for EME.
We get one of the best results modelling antennas for EME, getting;
– Very good gain
– Great F/B for DX
– One of the better Noise figures in Kelvin temperatura
– Awesome G/T signals for get the bet performance in EME contacts

This is the pictures per models:


EAntenna 144XLFA7 (7+7 elements)


EAntenna 144XLFA9 (9+9 elements)


EAntenna 144XLFA11 (11+11 elements)

EAntenna DX13M @ EA7JSM

Thanks to Antonio, EA7JSM for send us the picture of his EAntenna DX13M antenna.

Antonio wrote:

“Hola Rodrigo. Ya he montado la DX13M, y las primeras impresiones muy buenas, de momento casi todo lo que escucho, lo trabajo…y eso que estos días no hay buenas condiciones.”

“Hello Rodrigo. The DX13M is already mounted, and the first impressions are very good. At the moment all stations that I hear was worked as well, and this days the propagation conditions aren’t very good”

This is the result with only 8 radials with only 4 meters long. Sure when Antonio add more long radiasl He can run his own pile-up and with only 100W.

You can see more info about this antenna here


EAntenna 59+ addicts

Today have another pictures for “59+ers”.
The 59+ by EAntenna created addicts. More than 200 users are satisfied 100%

This time, Mr. Gabriel, EA6VQ owner of VQlog and choose EAntenna for his HF DX time.



More info of the 59+ here

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