70MOX, Another small Moxon for VHF

This small antenna is the best solution in 70 MHz. for initiate or have another band cover in a corner of the roof.
The EAntenna 70MOX only have 62 cm (24″) boom and 1,8 Kg. with incredible gain of 6,05 dBi and near 40 dB of F/B report.
Start your work in this band within not big expenses and light weight antenna.

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New EAntenna 5070MOX

With only 86cm (34 inch) boom lenght with 2 elements Moxn in 4m and another 2 in 6m band and the gain is 6,03 dBi in 50 MHz. and 5,95 dBi in 70 MHz. with both bands with more than 30 dB of F/B signal.
This antenna weight is only 3 Kg. for DX holidays, Summer vacations, SOTA or for Field Days.
The feeding is by open-sleeve system, that only need to feed the coax cable to one element.

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The Best choice for your Antenna system