EAntenna was in HI1UD, Beata Island

Thanks for Tino, HI3CC and Alfredo, HI8K for contact with us to EAntenna be main antenna sponsor of Beata Island, HI1UD, Dominican Rep. JAN-FEB 2017.

A total of 11286 QSOs made is 6 days with the antennas:

EAntenna HEX6B x 3
EAntenna 30AVM x 4 (4SQ)
EAntenna 40AVM x 4 (4SQ)
EAntenna 80AVM x 1
EAntenna DBZ160

The HI1UD Team was:

Julio – AD4Z / HI3A, Ismael – XE1AY, Edwin – HI3K, Efrain – HI8EES, Josemi – HI8C, Mike – HI3MPC, Rigo – HI8RD, Sergio – HI8AR, Miguel – HI7MC, Coronado – HI3SD and Tito – HI6JHV.

A total of pictures is here.

Enjoy it



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