The most advanced array of monobander antennas for DX and contests sharing a single boom. Its performance is equivalent or better than a four elements monobander isolated for 20 and 15 meterbands. For 10m, the antenna excels with its 5 elements.

The DX-Predator antenna system consists of an array of monoband antennas in a special configuration over a common boom in a way that the interaction among the elements of different bands not only is not negative but also contributes to build a significant advantage over an independent monobander with the same number of resonant elements.

This design comes out from hundreds of hours of analysis and computer simulations as well as on-field testings to achieve the best antenna for a boom of less than 9.5 meters. This is the ideal solution for the DXer or contester who wishes the performance of 4 elements monobanders without the inconvenience of stacking different band yagis with a great spacing on the same tower.

For 20 meters the antenna consists of three active resonant elements plus the positive contribution of the elements for the other bands strategically placed over the same boom. All elements shorter than the 20m driver are located at its front and at the adequate distance to add a gain and F/B  almost equivalent to a fourth monoband element in a completely isolated monobander.

For 15 meters, the antenna consists of three resonant elements plus the positive contribution of all the 10 meters elements located in front of the 15m driver. The final result is an excellent gain figure of more than 9 dBi that is only achievable for 4 element monobanders that stand completely isolated from other antennas.

For 10 meters, the antenna has five resonant elements plus the positive interaction of all the elements of bigger size strategically placed behind the 10m driver. Diferently to other multiband designs, the 10 meter antenna does not suffer the destructive interaction of bigger size elements placed in front of its driver. In this case the F/B is greatly reinforced.

The DX-predator system solves the problem of performance degradation that suffer monobanda antennas when stacked on the samer tower or mast. Three conventional monoband yagis for 10m, 15m and 20m must be vertically spaced on the same mast at least half wavelength to avoid the destructive interaction among antennas. On the DX-Predator, each element of every monobander is placed in the most adequate position to positevely contribute to the performance on all bands. Final result is almost equivalent or even better than most 4 element monobanders in the market.

The antenna is fed through the independent feedlines, one per band. Spureous emissions and intermodulation products are minimized with separated feedlines and the receiver does not get strong signals from the other bands adjacent broadcasters.

The DX-Predator antenna system is the best option for the most demanding DXer

Elements per Band:335
Frequency Range:14,0~14,3521,0~21,4528,0~29,7 MHz.
Gain: (dBi)8,59,69,86 dBi *
Gain: (dBi)14,015,115,36 dBi **
F/B:34,0 dB>20 dB>20 dB
Impedance:50 Ohm
Max. Power: 10 kW. ***
Boom Length:9,8m / 32,12'
Turning Radius:7,1m / 23,3'
Wind Survival:≥ 160kmh / ≥ 100mph
Weight:45,0 Kg / 99,2 Pounds
Package dimensions: (W x H x L)18x27x252cm 7,1x1,7x99,2"

* Gain dBi (Gain over isotropic in free space).
** Gain dBi at 20m above ground
*** 3 kW Balun included, there are options of 5 and 10 kW.





A = 60mm A = 30/25/2016/12mm ØA = 70/60mm A = 150mm
B = 2mmB = 2/1,5mmB = 8mmB = 10mm






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