New EAntenna VU-LFA23

The 1st V-UHF High Gain/Low Noise antenna in same boom with 45° phase to work Vertical and Horizontal polarization at same time.


Elements per Band:815
Frequency Range:144,0~146,0432,0~438,0 MHz.
Gain: (dBi)13,3114,92 dBi
F/B:25,6534.67 dB
SWR:1,2:1 Max.1,3:1 Max.
Impedance:50 Ohm
Max. Power: 2000 W.
Boom Length:3,76m / 12,3 ft
Weight:8,5 Kg / 18,8 Lbs.

* Gain dBi (Gain over isotropic in free space).
** This antenan don’t requires balun. The feeding is direct to the coax, through soldering to the ring terminals.