New EAntenna VU-LFA23

The 1st V-UHF High Gain/Low Noise antenna in same boom with 45° phase to work Vertical and Horizontal polarization at same time.


Elements per Band:815
Frequency Range:144,0~146,0432,0~438,0 MHz.
Gain: (dBi)13,3114,92 dBi
F/B:25,6534.67 dB
SWR:1,2:1 Max.1,3:1 Max.
Impedance:50 Ohm
Max. Power: 2000 W.
Boom Length:3,76m / 12,3 ft
Weight:8,5 Kg / 18,8 Lbs.

* Gain dBi (Gain over isotropic in free space).
** This antenan don’t requires balun. The feeding is direct to the coax, through soldering to the ring terminals.





EAntenna EA270ZB13 in Vancouver, WA @W4DVE

This is the EAntenna EA270ZB13 at W4DVE, Dave’s QTH in Vancouver, WA, USA.

Dave told us:

“I own 2 of these dual band yagis and LOVE them. One is at my house and the other I use for portable contesting”

More info about this antennas at:

New EAntenna HEX6B Plate view

After a weeks of hard work finding a new plastic blocks material, EAntenna offers the most heavy duty plastic material in Amateur Radio antennas.
The HyperPlast(tm) have UV protection, and the temperature range is -170ºC to 240ºC, to offer the best value in products in all wheare situations; Desert, Sea, Ice, Windy situations, because the plastic blocks are solid piece, instead 2 pieces that can broke with heavy situations.

Choose EAntenna as one of the most important Amateur Radio antennas of the last 5 years



The EAntenna’s COBWEB version is one of the best sellers in our European dealers.

With only a weight of less of 5 Kg, our version is very heavy duty antenna with easy to mount and the results are always better than an single band dipole or any vertical tested and compared.
There are 2 power rating versions, 500W and 3kW.

Very small space antenna for your roof

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Elements per Band:11111
Frequency Range:14,0~14,3518,06~18,1721,0~21,4524,8~25,028,0~29,7 MHz.
Gain: (dBi)77777 dBi *
Bandwidth 2,0:1 SWR208170167156184 KHz.
Bandwidth 3,0:1 SWR362299293271337 KHz.
Impedance:50 Ohm
Max. Power: 500W - 3 kW.
Square size.2,78m / 9,1 '
Turning Radius:1,97m / 6,5 '
Wind Survival:≥ 160kmh / ≥ 100mph
Weight:4,80 Kg / 10,6 lbs

New EAntenna DUOSAT

The EAntenna DUOSAT is a dual band antenna for VHF and UHF for communications via satellite. With only 800 grams of weight you can make all the low orbit satellites with an Handheld Portable Radior with the 5 Watts.
There are 3 LFA elements in VHF and 5 LFA elements in UHF, which guarantees a minimum noise level that is one of the characteristics of closed loop LFA antennas and a great bandwidth. And of course, the particularity that the LFA have 50 Ohms in the coaxial output, does not have any type of impedance adaptation that reduces the performance of the antenna

Specifications of DUOSAT

Square boom of 20 × 2mm.
8mm elements. in diameter, except the excited one that has 10mm and 6mm the Loop.

Elements per Band:35
Frequency Range:144,0~146,0432,0~438,0 MHz.
Gain: (dBi)8,8711,38 dBi
F/B:12,3613,50 dB
SWR:1,2:1 Max.1,2:1 Max.
Impedance:50 Ohm
Max. Power: 500 W.
Boom Length:0,89m / 35"
MaterialAluminiun T5 6063 / T6 6082Hardware: Stainless Steel
Weight:0,8 Kg / 22 Oz.



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